Business women in pandemic


One of the critical questions nowadays, when it comes to diversity, is women’s topic in business.

Many organizations and experts are looking at how to achieve sustainability of female representation in business.

However, it is a popular topic that also raises many different opinions, assumptions, and approaches. We’ve observed that this topic also seems to raise walls; instead of pulling them down. People seem to simplify the surrounding complexity to an „us against them „view.

We see it as essential to accept any group, not only women and create an inclusive society and business.

The challenge seems to be that we still don’t know how to do so best – how to be inclusive and create such accepting and supporting environments, especially in the current conditions.

The global pandemic has an immense impact on women. Their role in society is rather disadvantageous, and their work-engagement long-term not sustainable.

We could compare this situation to a forest, where, when there is only one type of tree and one culture, it is easy for invaders, such as  bark beetle, to kill the whole forest.

However, when the forest consists of many different types of trees and other plants, it is naturally more resistant, thanks to the diversity.

We believe that if we don’t act fast, business can also get near such unhealthy monoculture.

We are therefore bringing the Think Tank „Biznis Women and Pandemic “ and workgroups, which will be focusing on the following key questions:

  • Added value and benefits of inclusive culture supporting women in business
  • Technologies, systems and processes needed
  • Role and responsibility of leadership

Each of the three workgroups will identify the root cause and also propose solutions, which we will not only define and test on pilots in different organizations.

Join us either as a representative of your company or as an individual. You can join the overall program in all three areas and be one of our piloting organizations systematically implementing solutions. You can participate in one or more of the working groups or opt to receive information on the findings, solutions, and practical tips.

Let us know what you’ll choose – your participation will enrich our group and contribute to a balanced business world.

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