Think Tank The impact of the pandemic on women in business – Helping women and business.

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It´s not a sustainable way of life for women – and it will take a toll on campanies too…

• Employed women find it increasingly challenging to balance their varied roles and responsibilities, which have shifted considerably during the pandemic. New situations arise, new requirements and pressures appear at work and home.
• Neither business nor our society is aware of the complicated situation of women in business. The far-reaching consequences and the need for change is overlooked. (Some of the areas change is needed: processes, tools or technologies, leadership approach, and communication.)
Here is Impact of pandemic on women at work

Individual working groups

1. Talent and financial loss of companies
Arguments and methodologies – „added value“ of women in business
  • how to show, argue and calculate benefits of women in business and losses when they leave
2. How to make life and work sustainable for women?
Tools and practical approaches – What to do
  • systematic process, methodologies, and tools, suitable technologies and assistance to women
3. How to lead women during a pandemic? (English language group).
– Practical setting of a strategy and concept, the involvement of managers and managerial technology (leadership, planning, management, control, communication)


Join our workgroup and gain:

• Clear framework of the topic – concepts, arguments, context, and basic rules,
• Practical and immediately applicable solutions and recommendations,
• Experience and know-how from other companies,
• Practical implementation in the form of pilots to specific companies,
• Connections and context from other thematic groups of the think tank
+ profiling of individual participants of the professional public and through new Magnoli platforms

Think Tank – the impact of the pandemic on businesswomen

Introductory ONLINE meeting of Think Tank on 31.3. 2021, 13:30 – 15:30.
We will:
  • present current and, in many areas, unique data on the topic of female diversity and the situation of women in Covid,
  • define critical issues, hypotheses, sources of all working groups,
  • introduce the main guarantors, experts, and partners of individual topics,
  • answer all ambiguities and present the details of particular working groups.

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Think Tank is brought to you by the Institute of Internal Communication, as the expert guarantor, and by the new Magnoli platform. Other professional partner is VŠE in Prague.

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